360 Degrees Digital Camera (18MP, Black) FUSION CHDHZ-103



Grant your audiences new perspectives of your adventures with the GoPro Fusion CHDHZ-103. Using two slightly offset cameras, the Fusion can capture everything that happens around it in 5.2K resolution up to 30 fps. If you’re producing content for viewing in VR headsets, 3K resolution at a smooth 60 fps may be more appealing. 18MP photos can also be captured in both raw.

Gopro Fusion 360 degree video recording that will keep you up to date. at same time Can find and return to the best video range later. Can also play in VR or OverCapture to create video easily on your phone or device.

Product Features

• Type: Camera ACTION CAMERA360 degrees
• black
• For: Video recording
• Material: POLYCABONATE Mix with rubber material.
• Battery Type: LITHIUM ION
• INPUT current: 5-5.5V
• OUTPUT: 4.4V
• Warranty (Year): 1
• Others: 5K Video Capture


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