Silicone Sleeve+Lanyard for Hero 8 Black (Pink) AJSST-007



Silicone Sleeve+Lanyard for Hero 8 Black (Pink) AJSST-007, Silicone Sleeve+Lanyard for Hero 8 Black made from quality materials. Qualifying It protects your beloved Hero 8 Black from scratches. And has a cushioning feature that may damage the Hero 8 Black. The product is lightweight. Highly durable Good heat resistance Has a long service life Can easily fit the Hero 8 Black camera, easy to carry and come with a neck strap Add flexibility to your Hero 8 Black camera at a price you can easily own.

Product type: Shockproof silicone camera body GoPro
Color: Electric Pink
For wearing: GoPro 8 Black camera
Special features: suitable for protection from scratches while traveling

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