Ecovacs White Deebot 600


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White Deebot 600

  • Cleaning, optional cleaning for a wide range of dirt.
  • Use the right tools for the job with a graded set of strengths cleaning options:
  • Central part works for general cleaning,
  • Curb clean lanes for random edge cleaning.
  • And the cleaning method is positioned when a deep cleaning is needed in a specific position.
  • Control DEEBOT anytime, anywhere. Its internet connection extends to the cleaning robot.
  • For this reason, you may use the ECOVACS app to monitor cleaning, schedule cleaning and more.
  • Many other pre-timings just set the regular time and let it be a robot.
  • And you’ll never come back to a home that is washed again with a high-performance filter
  • Cleaning machines that allow you to breathe fully: DEEBOT cleaning reduces air platforms before disease and asthma develop.

  • Suction system features: Strong-suction power (kg): 25 Suction power (kg): 500/800
  • Strong power, 800pa, dust capacity (liter): 0.52.
  • Dust collector: Plastic box Dimensions (cm): 33.20 x 33.20 x 7.90 Weight (kg): 4.37.
  • Others: Work control via smartphones, anti-collision technology, cargo delivery 1 year

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